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Stereo speakers audio use sound-absorbing material acoustic foam

Model Number: EF-E(Environment-Friendly Electric foam)

Color: White,Grey

Size and Shape: customized design

Characteristic: Can be hot pressed, high strength,digital cut

Feature: Soundproof,heat insulation,flame retardant,light-weight

Usage: Electrical appliances,stereo speaker, earphone

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 ●The principle of sound absorption of melamine foam:

         The wall inside the loudspeaker is relatively smooth. The sound radiation from the horn will be refracted through the inner wall of the speaker. The function of the absorbent melamine foam is to absorb the sound wave from the loudspeaker, so that the acoustic wave can never be refracted or reflected.This ensures that the sound confusion and ambiguities caused by the refraction and reflection of sound waves are no longer occurring.

         Thanks to the low density melamine sponge high (6 to 12KG/m, the opening rate  fand) (up to 99%) and three-dimensional grid system (phase grid length diameter ratio of L/D was about 10 to 20), the deep sound can quickly and effectively into the foam and turn into mesh vibration is consumed, from and effectively eliminate the radiation sound. The two anti elastic reduce sound. Ordinary foam is generally half open structure, the opening rate is low, there will be a semi closed pore structure, the semi open pore structure will seriously affect the sound insulation performance.


 ●Product Features:

 ◆Soundproof(NFC=0.9)                                               ◆Heat insulation

◆Thermal conductivity(0.031-0.035W/mk)                        ◆Flame retardant (B1)

product application:

                                       Factory with equipments


Packaging and Shipping

packaging: Carton and Plastic film, size and shape customized as required
Lead Time 20 – 30 days


Q1: Are you a Manufacture Factory?
Yes. We are the direct Manufacture Factory, and our factory has specialized in Producting Industry Material  since 2009 in Chengdu.

Q2: If I want to get a Quotation, what information need be provided to you?
Usage, size(Length* Width*Thickness), color and quantity.

 Q3: What are your strengths?
The best products, the reasonable price, the best service, and processed by our own factories.

Q4: Do you have any sample?
Yes, we have a wide range of uses. And we also produce packaging products that meet customer requirements,  which also means that materials, density, shape, size, design, quantity depend on customer  order requirements, and we express welcome.

Q5: What is your terms of payment ?
In general,T/T, L/C or Western Union.

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Product Name: Stereo speakers audio use sound-absorbing material acoustic foam

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