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Safety Low Temperature Resistant Melamine Foam

product code: SL

Color: White, Gray

field: Low temperature transport

characteristic: Low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, sound absorption and noise reduction

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Melamine Foam is a flexible open foam made from melamine and a thermosetting plastic in the aminoplast family. Its characteristics are reflected in its fine three-dimensional mesh structure.
Melamine foam has excellent sound absorption, flame retardancy, heat insulation, moisture and heat stability, hygienic safety and good secondary processing properties. These characteristics make this product widely used in the construction industry, industry, vehicle manufacturing, plant construction, thermal engineering, equipment and equipment, air conditioning systems, aerospace and marine navigation, electronic products, daily cleaning and other fields.


Product Specification


 Material  Melamine foam
 Density (kg/m3)  8-9
 Tensile strength (kPa)  180
 Breaking elongation ration (%)  30
 Rebound degree (%)  80
 Compression set (%)  6
 Sound absorption coefficient d=50mm/f=2000Hz  0.98
 Thermal conductivity (W/mk)  0.031-0.035
 Flame retardant grade  B1
 Smoke density  6
 Oxygen index  34
 Model Number  SL
 Color  White,Gray
 Shape  Customized as required
 Size (mm)  2500*1200*270T(max 300)
 Customized Design  Accepted
 Temperature (℃ )  -200-240
 Application  Low temperature thermal insulation;

 Industrial low-temperature pipeline,Industrial

 Low-temperature pipeline


Product Details


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Product Features


High temperature resistance and acid resistance: It can be used in low temperature industrial pipe, tank, ball and other facilities.It can  work normally in the case of – 200 ℃ to 240 ℃ , not brittle. No decomposition, no weathering .

High temperature resistance and flame retardant:  It can meet the high technical requirements of some insulation engineering requirements.


Product Application


Due to its unique low thermal conductivity (0.031-0.035), thermal stability and aging resistance, melamine foam can achieve hydrophobic performance under special technical treatment and can work for a long time under the condition of -50 ℃ to 240 ℃ Resistance – 200 ℃), large area used in low temperature, industrial low temperature pipe, acidic rotating goods transport.


low temperature
Company Information


Chengdu Rong Yulong Technology Co., Ltd., R & D team was founded in June 2009,company was incorporated in January 2016.A number of patented technology, high-tech equipment, high-quality team, scientific management, to build the domestic top bubble processing base.

Rong Yulong focus on melamine foam production, development, application, promotion of one-stop service.

Now has a hydrophobic foam production line, foam cutting production line, hot pressing production line, foam cleaning supplies production line.

And establishes relations with China’s CSR group, Tesla (China) Company, cool music rice cookers, China Southwest Architectural Design Institute, Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other strategic partners.


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SGS certification
 certification  certification  certification


Packaging and Shipping


packaging: Carton and Plastic film, size and shape customized as required

shipping: Lead Time 20 – 30 days




Q1: Are you a Manufacture Factory?

Yes. We are the direct Manufacture Factory, and our factory has specialized in Producting  Industry Material  since 2009 in Chengdu.

Q2: If I want to get a Quotation, what information need be provided to you?

Usage, size(Length* Width*Thickness), color and quantity.

Q3: What are your strengths?

The best products, the reasonable price, the best service, and processed by our own factories.

Q4: Do you have any sample?

Yes, we have a wide range of uses. And we also produce packaging products that meet customer requirements, which also means that materials, density, shape, size, design, quantity depend on customer order requirements, and we express welcome.

Q5: What is your terms of payment ?

In general,T/T, L/C or Western Union.


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