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RYL@Melamine Foam in Mechanical Noise Reduction

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Product Parametes

Material  Melamine foam
 Density (kg/m3)  8-9
 Application Mechanical Noise Reduction
 Tensile strength (kPa)  180
 Breaking elongation ration (%)  30
 Rebound degree (%)  80
 Compression set (%)  6
 Sound absorption coefficient d=50mm/f=2000Hz  0.98
 Thermal conductivity (W/mk)  0.031-0.035
 Flame retardant grade  B1(UL 94 V0)
 Smoke density  6
 Oxygen index  34
 Model Number  RYL-M
 Color  White,Gray
 Shape  Customized as required
 Size (mm)  2500*1200*270(max 300)
 Customized Design  Accepted

melamine foam panel

Product Application

Chengdu Rongyulong Technology Co., Ltd. successfully used melamine sponge to reduce the noise of large air compressors by 17 decibels!

This sound absorption and noise reduction project has gone through a lot of tests and experiments, and the research team finally suggested using a 50mm high-quality industrial-grade sound-absorbing melamine sponge to make it tight

Wrapped on the outside of the air compressor, using its excellent open-hole sound-absorbing capacity, it can absorb the noise generated by the air compressor to the greatest extent.

In this experiment, the biggest challenge facing the research team is that this large air compressor is exposed outdoors. Compared with indoor sound absorption and noise reduction, the sound absorption performance of the material is required.

Seek higher, more precise requirements for density, thickness, and material characteristics. In the end, after continuous improvement, experimentation and testing, the research team succeeded in making. The noise decibel of the machine dropped from 115.2 to 98, which was a staged success.

The success of this experiment indicates that the application of melamine sponge in large-scale machinery noise reduction can be gradually developed and promoted, effectively reducing the environmental impact in large-scale machinery factories.

We look forward to more interested manufacturers contacting us and let us provide you with professional noise reduction engineering services!


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Product Name: RYL@Melamine Foam in Mechanical Noise Reduction

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