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Super ink sponge melamine foam printer cartridges use

Model number: SA(Super Water-Absorbent foam)

Shape and size: Customized design as your requirement

Color: White, gray

Characteristic: Excellent water absorption and water retention,good physical and chemical stability,corrosion resistance,acid proof aging

Application: Printer cartridges use

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Related Parameters

melamine foam parameter1

Under the condition of constant temperature 20 ℃,

 polyurethane and melamine foam absorbing water performance contrast:

pu foam and melamine foam contract




1.Excellent water absorption and water retention

2.Good physical and chemical stability

3.Corrosion resistance,acid proof aging

4.Light weight

5.Flame retardant, heat preservation, heat insulation

6.Food safety and hygiene grade

7.Good post-processability


Water absorption, water retention capacity:It is as high as 99%, three-dimensional

reticular cross-linking structure system, with excellent water absorption and water retention,

good physical and chemical stability, corrosion resistance. Improve the ink volume of printer

cartridges. Its water absorption capacity is 10 to 14 times that of the existing normal materials.


Application:Printer Cartridges Sponge

melamine-foam-ink-absorption Printer-Cartridges-foam



Application For use in copier and printer ink sponge
Description Melamine foam for absorbing ink
Type 1. Hot Pressing in different rate   2. Original
MOQ(pcs) 500 
Packing Carton box or plastic bag
Sample order Yes,custom design hot pressing rate and size
Payment 1.T/T   2.Western Union   3.Paypal
Delivery time 3-7 days
Shipping By Air/by Express/by sea

                             Our company has established long-term business relationship with APEXMIC(Zhuhai APEXMICMicroelectronics Co. Ltd.)




Q:Do you provide samples?

A:Yes,our factory provide custom samples for customer to do test,and please send email or message for requests including size,shape(with drawing is best),density,color,quantity,delivery time etc.

Q:What’s the payment terms?

A:We accept  T/T,West Union,L/C,Paypal.

Q:How about shipping?

A:Shipping,airplane,express,railway all is ok,our company has our own shipping agent for a better freight cost.

Q:How about OEM packaging?

A:We are happy to make OEM packaging for customer if creditable and sincere to establish long-time business cooperation relationship.

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Product Name: Super ink sponge melamine foam printer cartridges use

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