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High performance mobile phone insulation film-melamine foam

Product code: IP-E( Heat Insulation Sound Proof foam-Electronic)

Color: White, gray

Characteristic: Heat insulation,sound proof,flame retardant,low temperature, low density, high toughness,acoustic melamine foam

Dimension: Customized as your requirement

Field: Electronic product,automotive batteries,mobile phone,tablet computer,automotive interior, cabin, battery insulation and so on

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Product Description



electric ,melamine foam,Flame retardant

    ①High – temperature resistant, 

       Anti – flame retardant

           International B1 grade, reduce risk

       ②For sound wave processing

Improve sound quality, avoid noise and noise

    ③Low thermal conductivity (≤0.035W/mk)

To slow down the line aging caused by heating and burning in the use of electronic appliance products, and to reduce the risk of fire caused by the aging of the wiring.

        ④High sound absorption (NRC≧0.9)

high hole rate, after treatment it can improve the quality of mobile phone, reducing noise caused by mobile phone vibration.


①mobile phone heat insulation

②tablet computer insulation

③electric control box 

Certificate: SGS,NOA ,ISO9001,REACH,RoSH and so on

Factory view

Packaging and Shipping

packaging: Carton and Plastic film, size and shape customized as required
Lead Time 20 – 30 days


Q1: Are you a Manufacture Factory?
Yes. We are the direct Manufacture Factory, and our factory has specialized in Producting Industry Material  since 2009 in Chengdu.

Q2: If I want to get a Quotation, what information need be provided to you?
Usage, size(Length* Width*Thickness), color and quantity.

 Q3: What are your strengths?
The best products, the reasonable price, the best service, and processed by our own factories.

Q4: Do you have any sample?
Yes, we have a wide range of uses. And we also produce packaging products that meet customer requirements,  which also means that materials, density, shape, size, design, quantity depend on customer  order requirements, and we express welcome.

Q5: What is your terms of payment ?
In general,T/T, L/C or Western Union.

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Product Name: High performance mobile phone insulation film-melamine foam

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