RYL® HPA-lightweight melamine foam used in aircraft construction

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RYL® HPA-lightweight melamine foam used in aircraft construction soundproof

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RYL® Melamine Foam Tech-HPA(High performance Aviation foam)

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RYL® HPA was specially developed for insulating cabins and the ductwork in aircraft. It weighs just six grams per liter, which makes RYL® HPA 30 percent lighter than conventional RYL®. This means it is possible to fulfill the rising demands on noise, safety and increasingly lower weight in aircraft construction; at the same time, RYL® HPA meets the stringent fire safety standards set by the aviation authorities.

The advantages of the low density and sound absorption capacity of RYL® also permit its use in more and more system applications in the aerospace industry.

RYL® melamine foam is used for cladding the payload section in the nose cone. This protects the sensitive satellites from the high acoustic pressure exerted on the rocket during the lift-off. Key properties for the use of RYL® in space rockets are its good sound absorption capacity, high flexibility, low density, and easy processability.

The outstanding acoustic properties of the special foam were a crucial factor in its selection. While conventional systems were used in the past to insulate against the clatter of the five rotor blades, only melamine foam has been successful at significantly reducing noise. “The noise level inside the helicopter dropped from 85 to 80 decibels, making the use of hearing protection unnecessary,” explains Sergey Milek, Chief Operations Officer at StandartPlast. The sound insulation system has been tested and certified in accordance with the Russian GOST norm 20296-81, which requires a noise level test to be performed in the passenger compartment at a frequency of one kilohertz.

Reduced weight also played a role in the selection process. StandartPlast uses the lightest version of RYL®. Weighing only six grams per liter, melamine foam reduces the weight of the helicopter’s sound insulation system by 80 percent. This amounts to 240 kilograms, which allows for an increase in passenger capacity or flight range. Its excellent fire protection properties were also convincing – that is a basic requirement for the use of such materials in aviation.

Application: ①Internal insulation of the Boeing 787
ryl melamine foam in Aerospace

②Cushions for airplane seats, Celso, F

③Payload cladding of the Ariane 5 launcher rocket

News Report: BASF’s Basotect insulates Russian passenger helicopter:Noise level in passenger compartment of Mi 8 lowered from 85 to 80 decibels through use of melamine foam 

Melamine foam aviation report By Advanced Science News


Product specifications:

Model Number RYL® Melamine Foam Tech-HPA(High performance Aviation foam)
RYL® Melamine foam density  6-7 kg/m3
Temperature resistance -200~240℃
Low formaldehyde emission,PPM 0.08(TVOC is 0)
Tensile strength(kPa) 180
Breaking elongation ratio (%) 30
Rebound degree (%) 80
Compression set (%) 6
Thermal conductivity (W/mk) 0.031-0.035
Smoke density 6
Oxygen index 34
Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)d=50mm/f=2000Hz 0.98

Company introduction:

Chengdu Rong Yulong Technology Co., Ltd. R & D team was founded in June 2009,  the company was incorporated in January 22, 2016,China leading manufacturer of melamine foam. It is located in Shenghua Industrial Park,Qingbaijiang District of Chengdu City,Sichuan Province,China.

The company possesses high-precision modern equipments, such as hydrophobic melamine foam production line,foam coating production line, melamine foam hot pressing production line, auto parts production line and household,cleaning block production line, as well as high-quality and strong technical professional production and handling team,quality control department . It achieves a series of conventional melamine foam processing and complex deep-processing.

Company adheres to the business philosophy of “credibility first, customer first“, “people-oriented” talent management mode, pursuing the tenet of “product quality is priority, customer service is supreme, being the environmental  expert around you“.Every employee always adhere to a friendly attitude in the whole production and management activities, constantly pioneering, with the customers hand in hand to create a better tomorrow.
Certificate & Test Report


1.Chengdu Rongyulong Technology Co.,Ltd Business License:91510113MA61TCJK4A
2.Certificate of Approval:GB/T19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015 Certificate No.:17918Q12821R0S
3.Certificate of Environment Management System:GB/T24001-2016/ISO 14001:2015 Certificate No.:17918E21561R0S
4.Certificate of Occupational Health and Safety Management System:GB/T28001-2011/OHSAS 18001:2007 Certificate No.:17918S11125R0S

1.CPST: indentation hardness test

2.SGS: RoHS,FDA,Formaldehyde test

3.CMA,CAL,CNAS:Hydrophobicity test 99.1%




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Product Name: RYL® HPA-lightweight melamine foam used in aircraft construction soundproof

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