Lightweight Hydrophobic Melamine Foam # self-adhesive

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Lightweight Hydrophobic Melamine Foam # self-adhesive

Product description: Hydrophobic EP foam, melamine foam,Sheets(Acoustical Adhesive & Without)#Custom size or cubic sale

Direct manufacturer: RONGYULONG factory,China top manufacturer of melamine foam,China only producer of hydrophobic melamine foam

Color: White, light gray,dark gray

Parameter request: Detailed data,please contact customer service,technology support please also send inquiry to official email

Application: Recommended for both acoustical and thermal insulation in marine,aircraft, aerospace, automotive, and architectural applications.

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RONGYULONG Hydrophobic Melamine Foam (With self-adhesive backing & Without) is an enhanced version of melamine foam with exceptional water-resistance properties maintaining all other key attributes for sound deadening(after special treatment can achieve the hydrophobic ratio up to 99.1%).

Hydrophobic Melamine Foam is extremely lightweight (6-7 kg/m³) and flexible. The open cell surface allows sound waves to penetrate the foam and not reflect as an echo. Recommended for both acoustical and thermal insulation in aircraft, aerospace, marine, automotive, and architectural applications. RONGYULONG is resistant to most organic solvents and meets or exceeds national and international fire safety standards.
Applications include ceilings, doors, trunk lids, etc. 

RONGYULONG Hydrophobic Melamine Foam has been manufactured and developed since 2007 in Sichuan Chemical Group with the proprietary hydrophobic process being completed from 18 R&D chemical experts.Now RONGYULONG is the only producer & manufacturer of hydrophobic melamine foam in China. RONGYULONG melamine foam is Eco-friendly, produced without using halogenated hydrocarbons and/or toxic heavy metal flame retardants. (*Nitrogen is used to create flame resistance). The products light weight characteristic reduces weight contributing to energy savings thus reducing emissions.


  • Tensile Strength(kPa):180
  • Elongation(%):30
  • Rebound rate(%):80
  • Compression set rate(%): 6
  • Smoke concentration(%):6
  • Oxygen Index(%):34
  • Thermal Conductivity(W/mk):0.031-0.035
  • Flammability:B1 class,UL94 V-0, FAR 25.856,8557365(Temperature resistance -160~240℃)
  • Density:aircraft,ship and automotive areas,custome density,6~7 Kg/m³
  • Certificate:CMA,CAL,ilac-MRA,CNAS: Hydrophobic rate 99.1-99.4%,RoHS,SGS etc

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Product performance:

Extremely lightweight and flexible
Floats indefinitely in water; water streams bead-up on surface and roll-off
Meets all aircraft (FAA, BSS, etc.), HVAC, automotive, and transportation (rail) flame, smoke, and toxicity standards

RONGYULONG-hydrophobic-melamine-foam1 RONGYULONG-hydrophobic-melamine-foam2
RONGYULONG-hydrophobic-melamine-foam melamine-foam-rongyulong

1)Result: CMA,CAL,ilac-MRA,CNAS: Hydrophobic rate 99.1%

Method: GB/T:10299-2011












2)Result: SGS Formaldehyde content  

SGS sample ID: CAN18-062792.001 White Sponge


1)1mg/kg = 0.0001% 

2)MDL =Method Detection Limit

3)ND = Not Detected (<MDL)

4)”-” Not Regulated


3)RoHS Shown as below(detailed data,please contact customer service)



Q:Do you provide samples?

A:Yes,our factory provide custom samples for customer to do test,and please send email or message for requests including size,shape(with drawing is best),density,color,quantity,delivery time etc.

Q:What’s the payment terms?

A:We accept  T/T,West Union,L/C,Paypal.

Q:How about shipping?

A:Shipping,airplane,express,railway all is ok,our company has our own shipping agent for a better freight cost.

Q:How about OEM packaging?

A:We are happy to make OEM packaging for customer if creditable and sincere to establish long-time business cooperation relationship.


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Product Name: Lightweight Hydrophobic Melamine Foam # self-adhesive

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