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Low density best acoustic melamine foam panels China

Model number: normal,simple cut,in white,light gray and dark gray (EFA-N01,EFA-N02,EFA-N03)

Color: White,light grey,dark grey

Shape: Custom shape,wedge shape

Feature: Designed For Sound Absorption in a Wide Range of Frequencies. Increased Surface Absorption Area

Application: Industrial, Commercial, Audio, OEM Residential Markets, Ceilings, Walls, Partitions, Sound/Recording Studios, Radio Stations, Board Rooms, Swimming Pools, Churches, Schools, Gun Ranges, Enclosures

Flammability: ASTM E84, Class A. Flame Spread: 6; Smoke Developed: 15

Density(kg/m³): 8-9

Installation: Acoustical Adhesive

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Acoustic Soundproof Melamine Foam Panels of Customized Design

Product Category

1)normal,simple cut,in white,light gray and dark gray                      (EFA-N01,EFA-N02,EFA-N03)

2)wedge shape,custom design,in white,light gray and dark gray                (EFA-W01,EFA-W02,EFA-W03)

3)pyramid shape,custom design,in white,light gray and dark gray              (EFA-P01,EFA-P02,EFA-P03)

4)egg shape,custom design,in white,light gray and dark gray                    (EFA-E01,EFA-E02,EFA-E03)

5)Composite aluminum foil,in white,light gray and dark gray                     (EFA-FA01,EFA-FA02,EFA-FA03)

6)Compound release paper adhesive,in white,light gray and dark gray       (EFA-FR01,EFA-FR02,EFA-FR03)



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Our factory supports custom design,contact us for requests!

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Acoustic melamine foam panels – Features
melamine foam structure


The three-dimensional network structure of the MELAMINE FOAM system has a total porosity of up to 99%, which enables the sound wave to enter the deep layer of the foam quickly and effectively and transform it into the vibration consumption of the grid. The reflection sound wave is effectively eliminated to achieve the sound absorption effect.

 FREQUENCY of acoustic foam panels


MELAMINE FOAM has excellent mid and high frequency performance, and its sound absorption coefficient is over 95%, combined with non-woven fabrics, which further improves the voice frequency in the whole frequency range.

 flame retardant foam High temperature resistance and flame retardant(international BI flame retardant

It can meet the high technical requirements of some insulation engineering requirements.


Reduce noise levels, the high sound-absorbing capacity and fire safety of MELAMINE FOAM make it suitable for acoustic tests, such as low reflectivity test room, engine test stand, wind tunnel and recording studio.


  • Ultra-low formaldehyde
  • Without any special smell
  • No chippings or powder during production
  • No heavy metal, halo hydrocarbon,fire retardant, plasticizer and other harmful substance
  • No healthy hazard to body when touching with skin
  • Meet RoHS and REACH certification


1.SGS test rseport: Formaldehyde content,Compression set,Tensile test,Vertical burning(UL 94-V-0,UL 94-5VA),Horizontal burning(UL 94-HF-1),Thermal Conductivity,TB / T – Soluble Lead, Soluble Cadmium,VOC content,Acoustic test: transfer function, reverb

2. CMA:Acoustic test: transfer function, reverb

3. CMA,CAL,ilac-MRA,CNAS: Flame retardant grade B1

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     We choose sound-absorbing insulation wool acoustic materials -acoustic melamine foam panels (covered with mold with self-adhesive paper), direct stick in the complex structure of the ceiling, glass, steel pipe, metope, etc, the construction is simple, and the structure with original building perfect combination, and greatly reduce the construction time.         

      More importantly, various shapes are available: common, wedge-shaped, pyramidal, egg-shaped, white and grey, which are perfectly suited to the designer’s design. In the aspects of sound absorption, sound insulation, fire performance and environmental protection, the melamine foam has the incomparable advantage of traditional acoustics materials, and has achieved the original purpose of the sound upgrade of the owner.

architecture structure

home theater soundspoof

Factory strength

The company possesses high-precision modern equipments, such as hydrophobic melamine foam production line,foam coating production line, melamine foam hot pressing production line, auto parts production line and household,cleaning block production line, as well as high-quality and strong technical professional production and handling team,quality control department . It achieves a series of conventional melamine foam processing and complex deep-processing.

Factories have the most high-precision modern equipments,including foaming equipments(pic1),slicing machines,common cut machines,digital equipment crosscut machines(pic5), vertical-cut machine,coating machines(pic4 and 7),and hot pressing equipments(pic6).Intelligent and scientific production mode guarantees production capacity and delivery time.


Q:Do you provide samples?

A:Yes,our factory provide custom samples for customer to do test,and please send email or message for requests including size,shape(with drawing is best),density,color,quantity,delivery time etc.

Q:What’s the payment terms?

A:We accept  T/T,West Union,L/C,Paypal.

Q:How about shipping?

A:Shipping,airplane,express,railway all is ok,our company has our own shipping agent for a better freight cost.

Q:How about OEM packaging?

A:We are happy to make OEM packaging for customer if creditable and sincere to establish long-time business cooperation relationship.

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