Good insulating property pads,customized design melamine foam

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Good insulating property pads in rice cooker-custom design melamine foam

Product code: EF-E(Environment-Friendly Electric foam)

Color: White,Grey

Dimension: Customized design

Characteristic: Can be hot pressed, high strength,CNC cutting

Feature: Nice heat insulation ,heat preservation ,and reduce energy consumption

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            Melamine foam is based on melamine resin substrate, after a special process of foaming made of environmentally friendly materials. Itself does not contain any  metallic substances, no impact or harm to the human body and the environment. Fully meet the REACH and RoSH (the world’s most stringent electrical insulation material indicators), People’s Republic of China Electronics Industry Standard (SJ / T 11364-2014).

         Melamine foam can be used in cooking, heating, and heat preservation, reducing heavy metal and other harmful substances into the food, reducing the harm to the human body. Reduce the heat loss in the process of cooking and heat preservation, so as to achieve energy saving. The food is nutritious and delicious.



 Rice cooker insulation cotton comparison table

Product Name Density(kg/m³) Thermal Conductivity(W/mk) Metal Composition Compare Results
Composite aluminum silicate cotton felt 64-160 0.09-0.15 Aluminum, chromium, zirconium and so on Melamine foam does not contain any metal and any harmful substances. The density is 7% -50% of the existing thermal insulation material. Thermal conductivity is lower than the equivalent of 0.025-0.115.
Melamine foam 8-12 0.35 No metal

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Packaging and Shipping

packaging: Carton and Plastic film, size and shape customized as required
Lead Time 20 – 30 days


Q1: Are you a Manufacture Factory?
Yes. We are the direct Manufacture Factory, and our factory has specialized in Producting Industry Material  since 2009 in Chengdu.

Q2: If I want to get a Quotation, what information need be provided to you?
Usage, size(Length* Width*Thickness), color and quantity.

 Q3: What are your strengths?
The best products, the reasonable price, the best service, and processed by our own factories.

Q4: Do you have any sample?
Yes, we have a wide range of uses. And we also produce packaging products that meet customer requirements,  which also means that materials, density, shape, size, design, quantity depend on customer  order requirements, and we express welcome.

Q5: What is your terms of payment ?
In general,T/T, L/C or Western Union.

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Product Name: Good insulating property pads in rice cooker-custom design melamine foam

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