Applications of Melamine Foam in Buildings

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Applications of Melamine Foam in Buildings

Melamine foam material as a new type of environmental protection material with excellent performance, has a wide range of applications in construction, transportation, aviation, household appliances and other fields, but also has a broader market prospects.

Melamine foam is widely used in sports venues, rail transit terminal waiting hall, airport terminal waiting hall, theatre, cinema, library and other crowd gathering places, as well as hotels, conference rooms, KTV, recording studios, studios, piano rooms, home theaters, office and home environment, such as decorative and sound absorption to higher environment noise reduction treatment, successfully the perfect combination of acoustic and and visual effects, improve the acoustic environment. Products can be based on design needs to make plates or cylinders and a variety of special shapes. And the installation method is more flexible. In the waiting hall, theatre and other public places, can also use different colors of melamine foam, not only to achieve good noise-absorbing effect, but also for the whole building to add an artistic atmosphere.


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