RYL® Hydrophobic melamine foam used for ship building acoustic

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RYL® Hydrophobic melamine foam used for ship building

Ship building

RYL® Hydrophobic Melamine Foam Tech are employed as an acoustic system solution in ships. The good low-temperature stability of RYL® Melamine Foam Tech means that it is also well-suited to insulate cryogenic liquefied gas on tankers. The product’s elasticity and heat insulating capacity are retained even at -200°C.


Application example:

BASF and Samsung Heavy Industries have developed a new solution to prevent the sloshing of liquefied gas dur-ing its transport in tankers. It is a kind of carpet consisting of cubes with a volume of one cubic meter, made of RYL® Melamine Foam Tech. The open-cell foam stays flexible even under cryogenic conditions: The ship’s steel tanks must remain cooled to minus 162 degrees Celsius to keep the gas liquid. The anti-sloshing solution prevents damages and allows for flexible load levels, which reduces the number of no-load journeys.


Insulation of cryogenic liquefied gas on tankers

Melamine Foam cube for anti-sloshing. Photo: BASF/Samsung Heavy Industries 



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