How to use sponge substrate for soilless cultivation

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How to use sponge substrate for soilless cultivation(with nutrient solution formula)

Soilless cultivation can fully exert the growth potential of plants. Compared with soil cultivation, the yield of soilless cultivation can be multiplied or multiplied by tens of times, which has great advantages both in terms of hygiene and space saving.

General aquaculture plants have the following advantages:

1, because the water is free to evaporate, in the same environment, than the potted plants in the regulation of air humidity has a more pronounced role;

2, aquatic plants can be omitted some basin basin management, clean, simple maintenance;

3, if you choose to use some of the root system can be exposed to light plants, coupled with the appropriate container, the plant can watch the whole plant, with a higher ornamental value.


These plants generally do not need special management. There is a certain volume of container that can be used for extending the root system, and an open glass container in the bottle mouth is more favorable for maintaining water quality and root growth. In planting should avoid the leaves immersed in water, so as to avoid decay; placed in the appropriate light conditions, can quickly rooting; found that water add water to prevent root drying; water becomes dirty, remove the plants, cleaning containers , Re-irrigation can be.


Narcissus, Hyacinth, Lily, Monstera, Milan, Clivia, Camellia, Rose, Jasmine, Rhododendron, Kumquat, Evergreen, Violets, Phalaenopsis, Fuchsia, Pinus, Camptotheca acuminata Banana, Ficus, Brazil iron, begonias, ferns, palm plants and so on.


Soilless plant vegetables: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper is the world’s most soilless culture crops, as well as melon, spinach, celery, chrysanthemum, strawberry, chicory, kale, cabbage, rape, small Chinese cabbage, Chinese cabbage, big leaf mustard, kale, purple back sunflower, watercress, cress, clover, amaranth, chives, potatoes and so on.


This article describes the cultivation of foam substrate

Matrix: melamine sponge, nutrient solution

1, seed cultivation method

2, seedling cultivation method

Sponge dig hole, the use of melamine sponge Super absorbent and water retention, long life does not degrade, can absorb soilless culture nutrient solution, and then cultivate good seedlings can be inserted into the sponge. Nutrient loss and leakage can be avoided, fully absorbed and utilized by crops. Adapt to ordinary cultivation, three-dimensional planting, and vertical planting (see details for the operation of the video link).

3,Nutritional fluid formula choice

          Trace elements (general formula)

Fertilizer name Dosage (mg / L)
EDTA iron sodium salt
Ferrous sulfate
Boric acid
Manganese sulfate
Copper sulfate
Zinc sulfate
Ammonium molybdate


          Japanese horticultural formula balanced nutrition solution

Fertilizer name Dosage (mg / L)
Calcium nitrate
Potassium nitrate
Magnesium sulfate
Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate
EDTA iron sodium salt
Boric acid
Manganese sulfate
Zinc sulfate
Copper sulfate
Sodium molybdate or ammonium molybdate


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