Tesla Roadster Was Sent To Space By Heavy Falcon Rockets

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Tesla Roadster Was Sent To Space By Heavy Falcon Rockets

On the afternoon of February 5, local time, at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the heaviest heavy-duty launch vehicle “Falcon Heavy” active in the world was launched and three rocket cores were successfully recovered. The rocket carries a Tesla sports car, sitting inside a sports car called a Starman simulation astronaut, the screen reads Do not Panic, the car stood a towel and a “free ride in the Galaxy Guide”, the sound David Bowie song. It is reported that sports cars will take at least 6 months to reach elliptical orbits at the same distance from Mars. The car, which will be orbiting the Sun on such a track for a billion years, could be the last memorial to human civilization.

Tesla Inc., a U.S. company that produces and sells electric vehicles, was founded on July 1, 2003 by engineer Martin Eberhard and headquartered in the Silicon Valley of California, USA.Tesla Motors, named after Nikola Tesla, an electrical engineer and physicist, specializes in pure electric vehicles. Several major models include Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X. Tesla Motors is the first electric car company in the world to use lithium-ion batteries and the first electric car to be launched is Roadster.

Tesla cars use battery and body parts are using a new material – melamine foam. Melamine foam (also known as melamine foam) is a soft thermosetting foam made of alkaline melamine formaldehyde resin into a nano-scale three-dimensional network cross-linked structure made of a special process of microwave foaming; melamine foam is completely open-cell foam, Its opening rate up to 99.9%.Melamine foam has good sound-absorbing properties, flame retardant properties, thermal insulation properties, light, energy-saving performance, health and safety performance and re-processing performance.


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