Melamine foam factories with high-precision modern equipments

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Melamine foam factories with high-precision modern equipments


              Chengdu Rong Yulong Technology Co., Ltd is a direct manufacturer for melamine foam

    with 3 factories in Chengxiang Town, Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu City (2)and Deyang

    City(1).It possesses professional and modern production line,including melamine foam

    foaming production line,foam coating production line,  hot pressing production line, auto

    parts production line and household,cleaning block production line, as well as quality control



               Factories have the most high-precision modern equipments,including foaming

     equipments,slicing machines,common cut machines,digital equipment crosscut machines,

     vertical-cut machine,coating machines,and hot pressing equipments showing in the following



melamine foam foaming equipments

       Picture 1: foaming equipments

   Picture 2:slicing machines

   Picture 3:common crosscut machines

  Picture4:digital equipment crosscut machines

   Picture5:vertical-cut machine

    Picture6:coating machines


      Picture7:hot pressing equipments



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