Melamine foam treatment process

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Melamine foam treatment process


Melamine foam in addition to conventional slicing, shaped processing, but also according to the field of application and performance of a wide range of reprocessing.


1) Surface treatment

Melamine foam has excellent chemical resistance, can be sprayed on the surface of melamine foam, painting, adhesive. Solutions, resins, and bacterial cultures all have direct exposure to melamine foam without changing its chemical properties.


sponge blocksingle-sided adhesive melamine foamlow temperature


2) Water and oil repellent treatment

Melamine foam can be the surface or all of the foam waterproof and oil repellent treatment, for specific areas of use, such as the installation of air-conditioning system of car body roof filled with thermal insulation noise; Rong Yulong developed hydrophobic melamine foam, not only can do real waterproof, but also its sound-absorbing, heat insulation, thermal insulation, flame retardant and other properties have not changed.


 melamine foam


3) Hot forming process

Melamine foam can be hot pressed with non-woven or aluminum foils and other products for specific areas such as heat-compression molding with flame-retardant non-woven fabric for engine thermal insulation and sound insulation treatment in automobiles, ships and trains.


composite aluminum foil melamine foam



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